I first got into events through helping out in the theatre at my school, as I progressed through school I got more and more involved in the theatre and ended up spending most of my time there. While still at school, my friend and I started a small business called JWEvents, we provided lighting, sound, and a DJ for parties and a few company social events. Near the end of finishing school, we decided to finish JWEvents, this led to the creation of After Dark which another friend and I started. After Dark provided a full production package for a variety of events in the south of England, these events included charity balls, weddings, and concerts.

After closing After Dark in 2017, I decided to take a bit of a step back from the industry. During this time, I found a completely different job but still ended up working on designs, and started developing an application for the industry. This step back lasted 9 months before the urge to get back into events full time became overwhelming. Now I am back in full swing, crewing on events, designing, and working hard to get a few projects running.

I love working on events, it is my greatest passion. I can’t wait to release my projects for everyone to see and use, and post photos and videos of the events that I work on.

If you want to learn a bit more about what experience I have in events, I have listed a few bits at the bottom of this page.

Latest Capture Quick Builds


I have experience:

  • Programming and operation using High End Systems Hog 4 consoles.

  • Designing stages and rigs using Capture Atlas.

  • Rigging lighting, audio, and video equipment.

  • Building small temporary structures from scaffolding.

  • Attended the Backstage Academy rigging course where I learnt about a variety of topics, including rigging hardware, rope-work, climbing, and rigging techniques.

  • Attended the Backstage Academy pyrotechnic course where I learnt about the different types of pyro, safety, and basic operation.

  • IPAF 3A & 3B trained.

  • Event Safety Passport.

  • Basic Networking

  • Budgeting and communicating with suppliers.

Training I aim to complete in the near future:

  • Telehandler Licence

  • Forklift Licence

  • C1 & C1+E Licence

  • First Aid Training